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Advantage 4000 Facepiece

  • Adapters to convert Advantage Facepiece to Twin-Cartridge Respirator (uses bayonet-style ...

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Aluminum Cylinders

Our aluminum cylinders come in two options:

  • 2216 psi - 30 minute - 45 Cubic Foot
  • ...

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AV-2000 Facepiece

The AV-2000 is lightweight and comfortable, and comes in multiple sizes and head harness options for...

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AV-3000 Facepiece

The AV-3000 offers improved downward and peripheral vision as well as enhanced clarity of voice comm...

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Carbon Fiber Cylinders

Over 2 Million Cylinders are currently in use. SCI has supplied cylinders to Scott,...

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Clear Command Voice Amplifier

MSA's Clear Command Communications System for Ultra Elite face pieces is designed specifically to m...

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Ultra Elite Facepiece

  • One-way check valve prevents exhaled air from entering mask-mounted...

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