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Scott 4.5 SCBA

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  • Model: Scott 4.5
  • Brand: Scott
  • NFPA: 1992

The Scott 4.5 SCBA utilizes an unequaled first stage Pressure Reducer, second stage regulator, Kevlar mask net and totally balanced harness and frame assembly which reduces fatigue. The Scott-O-Vista AV2000 face piece features three color-coded sizes, replaceable lens, set-and forget temple adjustment straps. The 4.5 Pressure Reducer automatically transfers air from the primary path to a secondary path in the event of failure in the primary path or depletion of cylinder air; the Vibralert alarm is then activated warning the user of the low air condition. The regulator requires less work to breathe, resulting in reduced fatigue and increased duration of air. The lightweight backframe has a time saving, sliding adjustable band to accommodate the wide range of cylinder sizes.

Scott 4.5 SCBA Accessories

AV-2000 Facepiece

The AV-2000 is lightweight and comfortable, and comes in multiple sizes and head harness options for wide user acceptance and fit. Totally interchange...

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AV-3000 Facepiece

The AV-3000 offers improved downward and peripheral vision as well as enhanced clarity of voice communication through larger dual voicemitters. Tested...

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Carbon Fiber Cylinders

Over 2 Million Cylinders are currently in use. SCI has supplied cylinders to Scott, MSA, Drager, Survivair, Interspior and ISI for ye...

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Aluminum Cylinders

Our aluminum cylinders come in two options:

  • 2216 psi - 30 minute - 45 Cubic Foot
  • 2216 psi - 15 minute - 22 Cubic Foot
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