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  • Brand: ISI
  • NFPA: 2007

The Viking Z SEVEN SCBA is AVON-ISI’s latest advancement in SCBAs, certified to NIOSH, CBRN, and NFPA 1981, 1982: 2007 editions. The Z SEVEN SCBA features a new proprietary wireless electronics package that extends battery life and reduces signal interference more effectively than Bluetooth technology; a new NFPA Standard- meeting PASS device; a 2,000 event data logging system; a two piece enclosed back frame that protects the pressure reducer, bell, and PASS alarm; an easy to use control console; an improved Voice Amplification System (VAS); and many other features—all in a comfortable to wear, easy to use, simple to maintain package.

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Improved Voice Amplification System

The voice-activated system is easily adjusted to one of four levels, with the setting automatically retained for future uses. This helps to eliminate breathing noise without impacting communications.


A Better Wireless Solution

To extend battery performance and reduce signal infiltration, the Viking Z SEVEN utilizes a new proprietary wireless communications technology. This technology is widely acknowledged as a less complex communications solution, ideally suited for handling lower data rates such as SCBA information. This platform comes future-ready to accommodate advancements such as on-board GPS and upgrades.


NFPA Standard PASS Device and Data Logging

NFPA Standards require the PASS level to be 95db at a distance of 10 feet while at a temperature of 500 degrees. Our newly designed Single Alarm PASS exceeds this standard. AVON ensures optimum performance by placing the PASS assembly inside a sealed container within the backframe and utilizing two motion sensors to help eliminate false pre-alarms. AVON meets the new NFPA Standards for data logging with the built-in capability to store up to 2000 PASS on/off, pre-alarm/ full alarm events. This information can be downloaded wirelessly, using AVON software.


Cylinder Options

A full selection of cylinders is available, from 2216 PSI aluminum to 4500 PSI carbon cylinders with 30, 45, or 60 minute duration.


Easy-To-Use Advanced Control Console

The Z SEVEN control console houses the complete electronics package: Heads-Up Display processing, Radio communications, VAS, and PASS motion sensor. Powered by six AA batteries, the console features a newly-improved one-step facemask connection that even accommodates older Viking model facemasks.

AVON-ISI’s Viking platform of SCBAs began setting the industry standard for innovation when first introduced in 1999. Standard-defining advancements such as the in-mask Heads Up Display, AirSwitch® regulator, and RDV facemasks were driven by the same philosophy we still hold today: keep it simple to use and maintain, and ensure it’s comfortable to wear and operate. The AVON Viking Z SEVEN is all that and more.


isi viking z seven 2007


The Viking Z SEVEN SCBA is AVON-ISI’s latest advancement in SCBAs, certified to NIOSH, CBRN, and NFPA 1981, 1982: 2007 editions. Th...

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