Fire Hose Inspection & Service

As an extension of a standpipe system, a fire hose can mean the difference between the success and failure of the delivery of water to a fire. Proper maintenance, by the terms of NFPA 1961, requires an unfurling, visual inspection and re-racking annually. Nozzles and all accessories must be inspected every year to ensure there are no visible signs of deterioration in the quality of the water-delivery system. A hydrostatic test must be performed 5 years after the hose’s initial date of manufacture, and every 3 years there after.

Fire Hose Hydrostatic Testing

NFPA 1962 requires hydrostatic testing of hoses 5 years from the initial date of manufacture, and every 3 years thereafter. Atlas’s Fire Hose hydrostatic testing facilities are capable of testing hoses up to 100 feet in length. The facility is an incline surface, which allows for the removal of air from the hose prior to pressurization. The surface is kept clean of debris to prevent any accidental puncture and subsequent damage to hoses. During testing, should slippage of a coupling occur, re-coupling equipment is available for immediate repair. This prevents the costly “need” to replace an entire length of hose.