Kitchen Exhaust Service

The fan, exhaust ductwork, canopy and filters in any commercial kitchen regularly gets coated with grease in the course of normal usage. Grease build up of this nature can be a serious fire hazard if it is left unattended. NFPA 96 stipulates that the entire exhaust system should be inspected on a regular basis. Depending on the type of appliance fuel, foods cooked and frequency of usage, this can range from monthly to annually. Should this inspection reveal deposits from grease-laden vapours, cleaning of the entire system down to bare metal is required. Upon completion a label, indicating the date, areas found to be inaccessible, and the name of the contractor, should be applied to the canopy.

Atlas has the ability to perform both the cleaning and the fire suppression system inspection simultaneously. This ensures:


  • No accidental discharges of your fire suppression system during cleaning
  • The entire hood, including fire suppression system cable activation assembly will be cleaned. All too often the cable/conduit assembly becomes clogged with grease. This buildup could actually prevent the proper operation of the fire suppression system.
  • Less hassle for you and your staff. One service call is sufficient, meaning less after-hours appointments for you.