Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service

Fire extinguishers are the essential weapon for first-strike combat of any type of fire. As such, they must always be pressurized and full. A partially charged, or neglected extinguisher may not be reliable in a fire situation. All occupancies covered by the National Fire Code require monthly and annual inspections of portable extinguishers. Any dry chemical extinguisher, whether for private or commercial use, should be disassembled, inspected internally and re-built every 6 years and hydrostatically tested every 12 years. Extinguishers containing other agents are subject to other periodic maintenance. The Fire Code dictates that only certified agencies may perform inspections and service. Atlas Fire & Safety Equipment Ltd. is a Warnock Hersey listed fire extinguisher service agency and strictly adheres to required practices

Fire Extinguisher Hydrostatic Testing

In accordance with the Canadian Transport Commissions (CTC) requirements, hydrostatic testing is required to test a cylinders integrity prior to continued service life. This is performed by filling the cylinder with water and pressurizing it while inside a safety cage or water jacket. A hydrostatic test is required by code every 5 years for Pressurized Water, CO2, and K-Type extinguishers, and every 12 years for Dry Chemical extinguishers.